Thursday, August 11, 2011

『8.11』Funny Video Collection

Lioness Wants the Baby

White visiting the zoo one lioness took a strong liking to a 1 year old baby.

Don't Drop Any Crumbs!

Chachi eats a Krispy Kreme donut like a lady without dropping a crumb. 

Lioness Wants the Baby

Hilarious, but i think i'll skip the whole havings kids thing

『8.11』Funny Video Collection

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Two Girls Walk Into a Bar

Description: And want to speak to the manager. Luckily for the bartender the manager isn't there. That's about all I'll say here.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

『8.10』Funny Video Collection

Ducks Cross the Road

A very LONG line of ducks cross the road

Dog Conversation Subtitled

If only dogs were subtitled all of the time

Mirrors Pep Talks Compilation

A compilation of mirror pep talks from movies. 

The Barfing Cup

This is what can happen when you get really really bored

Dog vs Paddle Pool

It's too hot to swim outside, so this dog attempts to take it inside

The Flour Prank

Short guy needs help reaching the flour…

Create Super Heated Plasma with a Grape

That's right... with a single grape, you can burn down your very own house. Buy a bag and burn down your village!

『8.9』Funny Video Collection

How Not to Light a Fart on Fire 

... the part where her friends just let her be caught on fire just added insult to somewhat serious injury.
Idiot is Nearly Decapitated on a Bet 

The idiot surviving this intentional accident is very bad news for the gene pool.

Obama Bores Students to Death 
The guy nodding off to his boring, arrogant ramblings is one of the many who elected him. Bravo, kid.

Pilot Makes Emergency Landing 

Man Nearly Dies While Changing A Tire 
Well, gee, buddy. That's what you get for trying to help someone - almost decapitated/mutilated. I'm never buying girl scout cookies again.

Baseball Bat Spin Swing 
A minor league baseball player has a trick where can swing a bat and let go and then catch it in motion after it spins around.

Ridiculously Dangerous Cliff Jump 
So one morning, did this man just wake up and think "HM! This is the day I want to swing off of a retardedly high cliff to my doom!"?

The Amazing One Girl Band 
Wow. This girl has more talent in her pinky finger than I have in my whole family.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

『8.8』Funny Video Collection

Embarrassing False Start

At the 2011 Word Championship event Hamza Labeid took off earlier than he should have. 

Moto X Women's Highlights

Somehow i don't think they're cut out for this particular sport. 


This cat has a freak out in an especially hilarious way

 Marco Tempest - Glass Miracle

Marco Tempest is taking over the world with his incredible and seemingly impossible illusions! I wonder how he makes that spoon stick..

 Katana Demonstration

These blades could chop a man's head right off!

 Dangerous Kids